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Dubrovnik, Hrvatska

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Kristina Mirošević

Red History Museum


postav izložbe

koautori postava: Krešimir Glavinić,

Tomi Šoletić, Ivan Lujo


godina 2018./2019.

Red History Museum (Muzej crevene povijesti) - the  first Croatian interactive museum of life during communist Yugoslavia opened in Dubrovnik

The first interactive project that presents everyday life in Croatia during the Yugoslavian communist regime. Using new technologies visitors are invited to explore history by themselves. Augmented reality app makes history come to life, and hidden information throughout the museum transform it into a learning playground for people of all ages.

Red History Museum (RHM) is divided into three parts - socialism in theory, socialism in practice and socialism in memory. These three parts paint a detailed picture of all layers of life under the care of the Yugoslav Communist party that became a recognizable force in that time. Visitors can learn how the “beloved” supreme leader Tito came to power, how did living in a unique political environment looked and felt like, how did the entire social evolution happened, how did the secret service made sure everyone was “happy” and even how did the music of the time sounded like.

RHM is a project founded by a team of young local designers, historians, journalists, photographers and archeologists, which was supported by people all over Croatia who donated various items, photographs and even their own life stories.